About the book

picsay-1399123135Can Tea Really Make You Invisible? (and other stuff) is the second book of a series of five (planned) by the mysterious, masked author, Zelda Halopile. Zelda has discovered that tea is not only behind the creation of God and Jesus, but was also the main factor in the destruction of the dinosaurs, Hitler’s evil, JK Rowling’s success, Michael Jackson in general, Dracula, and Stephen Hawkin – as well as a whole host of other amazing events to have unfolded in human history. Learn, through over 300 pages of surreal celebrity tales, the dark secrets of tea. And learn more about the origins of Zelda Halopile. Filled to the brim with swearing, violence, line-crossing stories, the occult, time travel, Gods, monsters and legends, Can Tea Really Make You Invisible (and other stuff) promises picsay-1401615038to be the most unique book you will have ever read by the most unique and twisted author you will have ever encountered.